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By Patti Kim

ISBN-10: 0312190301

ISBN-13: 9780312190309

An amazing debut and fascinating new voice in multicultural fiction.

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Its pink tail touched the floor. I smoothed my fmgers over the center of the rabbit as I turned the corner. I matched my steps with Boris's. Right, left. Right, left. When I got close enough, I yanked his keys and giggled behind my fist. " "Shut up, Ahn Joo," he said, and continued to limp, clink, limp, clink toward the swinging double doors that led to the stairs. The others in the hall gave Boris his space so that he could lift and drag his braced leg, then take a step with his good one without bumping into anyone.

When he pumped faster and faster, he grunted, then laughed out loud, showing me his gums and teeth. " I said, and sat the way my mother sat on Friday afternoons, when she was at peace with my father. Her arm was planted on the armrest between the two of them. Her legs were folded and tucked as if she was sitting on a floor; they were neatly covered by her skirt. Her slanted torso leaned toward my father, who never noticed any of it at all. I pressed down my shoulders, let my hand casually hang from the edge of the armrest, and sat close to Boris like a loving wife and mother.

She had pointed out to me a little black girl crying in a shopping cart at Pershing Market and said that the girl was a big show-off, bragging to the whole world what little control her mother had over her. My little brother often cried in public, but I was told Min Joo was special. As I walked toward our apartment building with the black door marked "3501," I passed the parking spaces; the stop sign that was missing its capital S; windows with blinds and without blinds, with curtains and without curtains; the broken swings at Burning Rock Court; Boris's apartment, which always smelled of garlic and onions; Kavitha's apartment, which smelled of dirty rags; the patch of weeds we cooked up meals for our brothers in; the bench we turned into a house with a sheet and two branches; and the white tree I sprained my wrist against running to first base.

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