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Indeed, many of the young people and families I worked with in this research could identify with the following description of border dwelling by Trinh: But every place she went they pushed her to the other side and that other side pushed her to the other side of the other side of the other side Kept in the shadows of the other (1990b: 328). For many marginal groups, the existence of a mestizaje borderland space, or the marginal-within-the marginal, is often problematic as it can be seen 34 Chapter 2 to counteract their need for a united homogenous front in order to provide security and support for its members and a location to plan and implement strategies of resistance to the Central, mainstream power.

Meanwhile, my own heterosexual identity, marriage, and motherhood meant I was seen as being part of the “mainstream society,” the heteronormative Center that framed and fueled such divisions and hierarchies within the Margins. Thus, for a few years, I experienced and had to negotiate the tensions and contestations around me, ensuring that I maintained my border status by both critiquing and supporting the various groups I was affiliated with and enduring their mixtures of criticism and support of me and my work.

This comment is particularly pertinent to many of my research participants who may appear within educational systems to be heterosexual young people in conventional heterosexual families, or adults who appear to be “ordinary members of conventional society” and then are revealed in this research to be bisexual and/or in multisexual and polyamorous families. Indeed, my initial passion for undertaking this research arose out of the awareness of certain “real Others” who were not getting access to public and research spaces such as those of educational, sexuality, and family research.

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