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By W. Richard Stevens

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For greater than 20 years, severe C programmers have depended on one e-book for functional, in-depth wisdom of the programming interfaces that force the UNIX and Linux kernels: W. Richard Stevens’ complicated Programming within the UNIX® surroundings . Now, once more, Rich’s colleague Steve Rago has completely up to date this vintage paintings. the recent 3rd version helps today’s major structures, displays new technical advances and most sensible practices, and aligns with model four of the only UNIX Specification.

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This can be the 1st, and nonetheless, the main accomplished booklet to explain the subtle workings of the UNIX procedure V kernel--the inner algorithms, the constructions that shape the foundation of the UNIX working method, and their dating to the programming interface. approach programmers will achieve a greater realizing of ways the kernel works and should have the capacity to examine algorithms utilized in the UNIX procedure to algorithms utilized in different working platforms.

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G. *' Menu development A shell script can be used to build a simple menu as shown below. The "case" statement is used to identify the user's input. The script will be exited when the user enters the number 3. # Script : genmenu # trap "" 2 a=O # initialize variable "a" to zero # infinite loop while true do clear # clear the screen echo "\n\n\n\n\n" M E NU - SYSTEM FUNCTIONS\n" echo " ===========================\n\n" echo " echo n 1 = Print the date \n\n" 2 = Print who is logged on the system\n\n" echo " 3 = Exit\n\n\n" echo " Please enter selection : \c" echo " read a clear case $a in 1) date;; 2) who;; 3) clear;exit;; *) echo "$a = Invalid option number f i l l .

7 File name generation and metacharacters When a command is given, it is scanned for the metacharacters *, ? and [. If any one of these characters is found, the parameter is replaced with alphabetically sorted names that match the actual pattern: The Bourne Shell 25 • * Matches any string (including the null string) • ? Matches any single character • [... ] Matches any one of the enclosed characters. A - sign can be used to specify a range of characters and an ! " and "*" metacharacters with the Is command will produce the output shown below: $ls test.?

It cannot be interrupted, for example, with a DEL keystroke, because the trap command is used to disable signal number 2. Note the use of the if construct, with square brackets. II Script II : loop trap "" l 2 II the while while : do lithe echo read 3 construct below can also be written as: while true "\c" character below is used to suppress the newline "Enter any string or y to end: \c" a 36 UNIX Workshop # if construct below is the same as: if test "$1" if [ "$a" = "y" l then exit fi done "y" Line-number a file and print it The following shell script uses the awk command to line-number a file.

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