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One area moves up, pulling the next one up with it, and pressure and gravity pull it back to its original position. However, some waves (electro-magnetic waves) do not appear to travel through a medium. Physicists have puzzled over how light, which behaves like a wave in many situations, travels for a long time. One theory was that there was a mysterious 'ether' which pervaded all of space, and so light was just like water waves, except that the water was invisible. This theory is widely regarded to be incorrect, but, since light is assumed to be a wave, what is it a disturbance in?

As the resistance of the variable resistor changes, the ratio between the resistances changes, so the potential difference across any given resistor changes. Alternatively, a potential divider may be made of many resistors. A 'wiper' may move across them, varying the number of resistors on either side of the wiper as it moves, as in the following diagram: Questions 1. A 12 kΩ resistor and a 20 kΩ resistor are connected to a 9V battery. A voltmeter is connected across the 12Ω resistor. What is the reading on the voltmeter?

They are not the same as resistance and conductance, which are properties of individual artefacts. This means that they only apply to a given object. They describe how well a material resists or conducts an electric current. Symbols and Units Resistivity is usually represented by the Greek letter rho (ρ), and is measured in Ω m. Conductivity is usually represented by the Greek letter sigma (σ), and is measured in S m1 . Formulae The formula relating resistivity (ρ) to resistance (R), cross-sectional area (A) and length (L) is: Conductivity is the reciprocal of resistivity, just as conductance (G) is the reciprocal of resistance.

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