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We convey into complete gentle a few excerpts on musical matters that have been earlier scattered through the most famed clinical texts. the most clinical and musical cultures open air of Europe also are considered. the 1st and most crucial estate to underline within the clinical texts tested this is the language they're written in. which means our multicultural historical past of the sciences unavoidably additionally turns into a assessment of some of the dominant languages utilized in the several historic contexts. during this quantity, the historical past of the improvement of the sciences is advised because it occurred in genuine contexts, now not in an alienated excellent world.

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1997, p. 411. The Italics are in the text. 38 8 Not Only in Latin, but also in Dutch, Chinese, Italian and German the planets in general, influenced the Earth, and even our minds, which they affected by means of their harmonious movements. Could a better proof have been offered than the one provided by music? ” [. . ] “. . I admire more than anything else analogies, my most faithful masters. They know all the secrets of nature, and must not be at all neglected in geometry”. ”77 Also for him, the harmony of the cosmos was expressed in mathematics, and again, it was above all Euclid’s geometry.

15. Tonietti 2006a, Chap. 4. 28 8 Not Only in Latin, but also in Dutch, Chinese, Italian and German only the One True God, but also the only true theorems regarding geometry and the true movements of the stars. “. . ” [“. . ”] The only Chinese art that was recognized was that of succeeding in casting magnificent astronomic instruments in bronze: “. . grandi e belli . . ” [“. . large and fine . . ”]. 59 Even if they had gained a knowledge of the Chinese cultural differences, these Jesuits of the seventeenth century looked down on them from the heights (literally) of their religious and scientific certainties, and transformed them into inferiority, and errors to be corrected.

3. 61 Part I, Chap. 3. 2 Reaping What Has Been Sown. Galileo Galilei, the Jesuits and the Chinese 29 to use “this book [the Elements] like a ladder”. 62 It should be only thanks to this ladder that the scholar should succeed in reaching the truth he seeks. But anyone who does not follow this course will not find it, and will remain in error. Thus the theorem of Pythagoras is true, while the right-angled triangle gougu and the “Figure of the string” are open to doubt. These did not appear to the Jesuits of yesterday (and to many colleagues of today) to be so precise, wellfounded or general.

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