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You will find definitive assurance of the most recent and most crucial applied sciences, corresponding to QuickDraw 3D and Apple advisor. you will additionally locate the vintage cornerstones of Macintosh improvement, like Macintosh Human Interface instructions, MacsBug Reference and Debugging advisor, and making plans and handling AppleTalk Networks. Care has been taken to supply the knowledge utilizing the main acceptable medium. From the multimedia displays of digital advisor to Macintosh Human Interface layout to the digital reference integrated with complex colour Imaging at the Mac OS, the fabric is gifted within the method so that it will entry it so much successfully.

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Windows that aren’t container windows, such as information windows, are ignored. The Finder returns an integer, which the Repeat statement uses as the number of times to repeat. The If statement within the Repeat statement resets the bounds of each successive container window so that it is shifted down and to the right from the previously tiled window. After the View for each container window is set, the last statement within the Repeat statement sends an Open command to that window so that it overlaps the previously tiled window.

Class: String Modifiable: No visible A Boolean value that indicates whether the Finder is currently visible (true) or hidden (false). Class: Boolean Modifiable: Yes ELEMENT CLASSES The Finder application can contain objects of any of the classes listed here. Page numbers indicate the locations of corresponding definitions in this chapter. Accessory Suitcase (page 27) Alias File (page 28) Application File (page 38) Container (page 43) Container Window (page 47) Content Space (page 50) Control Panel (page 51) Desk Accessory File (page 55) Desktop-Object (page 56) Disk (page 57) Document File (page 60) 34 Object Class Definitions C H A P T E R 2 Finder Objects File (page 61) Folder (page 63) Font File (page 65) Font Suitcase (page 66) Information Window (page 69) Item (page 73) Sharable Container (page 79) Sharing Window (page 85) Sound File (page 88) Suitcase (page 90) Trash-Object (page 91) Window (page 95) Elements of any of these classes can be identified by name or by number.

The window in which the script application is located must be open in list view for the script to work on the window’s contents. property expan : false tell application "Finder" if expan = false then set completely expanded of containers in ¬ container of front window to true set expan to true else set completely expanded of containers in ¬ container of front window to false set expan to false end if end tell The script begins by declaring the value of the expan property to be false. This property is a Boolean value that changes after the script is run.

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