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By Samuel Daiches

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We see jra nt? 'the princes of the thumb'. from the nt? 'the of the thumb' already heading fro princes that the thumb plays an important part in this divination. i. Then we learn (1. 2) that the diviner has to make very- thin the nail of the right thumb of the lad, that he has to anoint this his nail (and his forehead) with pure olive oil (1. The and that the lad has 4), spirits that are to to look at his nail bring the king pis* nB> princes of the nail has to be brought in that nail ' ' 7). (1.

69 f. ) : ; $amas sa-at-tu-ri niqe liq-qi *? erina lis-si-ma ana mahar % Samas lizziz(-ziz] Thy servant so-and-so shall ina il ' an offering in the morning-hour, shall take the also cedar- wood and stand before Samas" cf. also 1. , p. 16), and p. 104, 1. 127. On p. 112, 1. 3 we read that the diviner has to wash himself at the dawn of the morning before the sun rises. p. 102, 1. Cf. also p. 130, ' 1. 33 1. ff, p. 142, 19, and p. 106, 1. 4. Cf. See also my article Hunger, p. 10 and p. 15. Balaam a Babylonian baru in Hilprecht Anniversary also 1.

In any case our text presents a striking example of the longevity of Babylonian superstition. It reads almost like a paragraph from the Old Babylonian oil-divination texts translated into Hebrew. TEXT 9. In this text we have another form of divination by means of oil. The result depended upon whether the face could or could not be seen in the oil. Honey (1. ) 3 also played a role in see also above, p. 34. , passim ; LATER JEWISH TEXTS TEXT we have In this text 41 10. the same mode of divination as in the previous text.

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