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21 Fungal infection promotes a rapid increase in activity in adjacent non-infected tissue, coinciding with production of the terpenoid furan ipomeamarone (8). 2 Examination l6 R E. Dugan, G. C. Ness, M. R Lakshmanan, C. M. Nepokroeff, and J. W. Porter, Arch. Biochem. , 1974, 161,499. 21 22 F. 0. Nervi and J. M. Dietschy, Biochim Biophys. Ada, 1974,369, 351. S. Brown,S. E. Dana, and M. D. Siperstein, J. Biol. , 1974,249, 6585. R A. Heller and R G. Gould, J. B i d . Chem, 1974,249, 5254. R L. Imblum and V.

T. Phillips, B. Mtssner, and H. Eggerer, European J. Biochem, 1974,42, 591. l The covalently bound HMG-CoA derivative is then rapidly hydrolysed. ” Further factors involved in control of the circadian rhythm of HMG-CoA reductase in rat liver have been defined. The characteristic five- to eight-fold increase in activity around midnight involves rapid enzyme synthesis, which ceases during the subsequent decline in reductase activity. I3 Stimulation of enzyme synthesis is inferred from the countervailing effect of actinomycin D.

0. Godtfredsen, S. Vangedal, and E. Caspi J. Amer. , 1974, %, 6499. ' In particular, much debate has centred on the possible involvement of A 8 ( 1 4 ) - ~ t e rWhile ~ l ~ . 4,4-dimethylcholest-8( 14)enol (36) is converted into cholesterol in cell-free systems, strong evidence against its involvement i n the normal biosynthetic pathway was obtained by radioactive incorporation and trapping experiments. ' New evidence46 suggests that the normal 14-demethylation product, 4,4-dimethylcholesta-8,14-dienol(38), undergoes reduction of prior to C-4-demethylation (Scheme 9,the demethylated product, cholest-8-en01 (39), then being converted into cholesterol.

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