Clickers II: The Next Wave by J. F. Gonzalez PDF

By J. F. Gonzalez

ISBN-10: 1936383438

ISBN-13: 9781936383436

The 1st wave used to be just the start . . . the us is in ruins. It has simply suffered one of many worst hurricanes in background, the folk are demoralized, and the president is a spiritual enthusiast. Then issues get rather undesirable - the Clickers go back. hundreds of thousands of the monsters swarm around the complete state and march inland, slaughtering someone and whatever they arrive throughout. yet this time the Clickers aren't blindly dashing onto land - they're being led through an intelligence older than civilization itself. A strength that desires to take dry land clear of the mammals. these left alive quickly discover that they have to do every little thing and something they could to guard humanity - regardless of the associated fee. this is not struggle, this can be extermination.

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