Dark Fire (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 6) by Christine Feehan PDF

By Christine Feehan

ISBN-10: 0505524473

ISBN-13: 9780505524478

There's constantly a cost to Pay So Darius warned her while she authorised a place together with his touring troupe. And looking at mesmerized on the cruel shrink of his mouth, the implacable get to the bottom of on his face, the soulless vacancy of his black eyes, Tempest used to be afraid to invite what it used to be. She had consistently been various, except others. From the instant his hands closed round her, enveloping her in a sorcerer's spell, Darius looked as if it would comprehend her particular presents. yet did his kiss supply the affection and belonging she sought, or a risk stronger than his personal panthers? someplace deep inside of herself, Tempest discovered she knew the solution. She had no selection yet to just accept the velvet stroke of his tongue, undergo the white-hot warmth piercing her epidermis, welcome an erotic excitement like no other...

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She blinked and looked away from him quickly. " Not "until I die" or any of the other expressions a human might use. Oh, Lord. She didn't want him to guess that her memory of what he had done to her hadn't been erased, as he'd wished. But what if he intended doing it again, and this time it worked? A knock on the door had Tempest jerking around, her heart pounding. Darius rose gracefully, fully aware of Syndil's presence outside the mobile home. He moved with fluid grace toward the door. Tempest couldn't keep her eyes off him.

He found each bruised internal organ and slowly repaired them from the inside out. He was becoming intimate with her mind, with her body, like a lover, though he had not yet shared her body or mind in the way he wanted. Darius . His sister's mental call to him brought him back to his own body. What is it? he responded. I sense your hunger. Go hunt. We will look after Rusti. Do not worry, brother. She will be safe with me. Only you. The command came out before he could censor it, more from jealousy than from fear that anyone in their group would choose to harm Tempest.

He focused on the glass on the counter in the kitchen. It floated from there to his palm easily. "Sit up, honey. " He slipped his arm behind her back and lifted her so that he could press the glass to her lips. " she asked, suspicious. "Drink it, baby," he instructed. She sighed softly. " "Drink, Tempest, and stop giving me your sass," he ordered, practically tipping the contents down her throat. She coughed and sputtered but managed to get most of the herbal mixture down. " "No, it is all natural.

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