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By Belva Plain

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The doctor's place of work is cool, white, sterile. however the doctor's phrases are searing: blood checks turn out past a shadow of a doubt that Margaret and Arthur Crawfield's loved, death son isn't their baby. Now they need to face Peter's dying and the surprise of getting a son they've got by no means met. Grieving, but forced, they start a seek that may tear households apart.Laura and "Bud" Rice proportion a sublime domestic and childrens, very good, good-looking Tom, and loved, chronically unwell eleven-year-old Timmy. yet after nineteen years of marriage, Laura's first rate husband is a stranger—and the cause of Tom's escalating involvement with a bunch of campus bigots. unexpectedly the Crawfields input their lives and shatter their fragile international. because the Rices' quiet Southern city explodes with hate and violence, the 2 familes needs to embrace—or be destroyed by—the shattering truth.From the Paperback version.

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Deciding that she liked him, she agreed to see him again. Her friends were impressed. It was "cool" to have a boyfriend in graduate school, a person who already had his feet poised to go out into the world of real jobs, of adult responsibilities. Maybe it was the admiration that he inspired in her friends that made Laura keep on seeing him; often, later, she thought about that. Certainly there had never been any leap of the heart. . Then, too, she had been wooed by his own open admiration. "You know so many things I never even heard about," he said one night after she had taken him to a concert.

Nevertheless, such things did happen. . When Peter recovered, he was only a handful, so thin that Margaret's mother cried when she saw him. "My pretty boy," she kept saying, and held his head against her cheek. " His appetite was poor, he grew slowly, but eventually he did do all the right things, sat up, walked and spoke his first ¦words as babies are supposed to do, and was, in short, normal. " asked Margaret, "or does he really have an exceptional disposition? It seems to me, when we're at gatherings with lots of children his age, that Peter's the smartest and the best behaved.

Hot with humiliation and knowing what was meant, she did not answer. What was meant was: You have breasts. He felt them when you pressed against him. "She may be tall for her age, but she is still a child after all," Cecile said. Would they never learn that she always overheard them when they were having their coffee in the sitting room? " That was Lillian. Cecile was the sweeter, the romantic one. But Lillian was the smarter of the two. And so Laura learned care and caution. Then suddenly she was fifteen.

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